Unit 10 – Digital Photography for a Media Product

Learning Objectives:
A – Understand the production of digital photography

B – Explore techniques of digital photography

C – Create digital photographs for a media product

D – Review own digital photography for a media product

1) Initial Digital Photography Techniques Portfolio (1B.3, 2B.P3, 2B.M3, 2B.D2)
2) My Guide to Photography (1A.1, 2A.P1, 2A.M1, 1A.2, 2A.P2, 2A.M2, 2A.D1, 1B.4, 2B.P4, 2B.M4, 2B.D3)
3) Digital Photography Production (1C.5, 2C.P5, 2C.M5, 1C.6, 2C.P6, 2C.M6, 2C.D4, 1C.7, 2C.P7, 2C.M7, 2C.D4)
4) Review of My Digital Photography (1D.8, 1D.P8, 1D.9, 2D.P9, 2D.M8, 2D.D5)

Portfolio Int
Task 2 diagram
Exploring Photo
Photography in media

Unit 10 Documentation:
Unit 10 Logbook (Including Assignment Brief)

Other Useful Resources

Understanding Aperture

Double Exposure Tutorial
Basic Photoshop Editing
Basic Layer Masks in Photoshop