Abi H – http://abieysmedia.wordpress.com/

Ashley H – http://ashleymarcushaycock.wordpress.com/

Callum D – http://www.callumdenning.wordpress.com

Callum M – http://www.callummiddleton.wordpress.com/

Charlotte B  –  http://charlotteburtonx.wordpress.com/

Dante H – http://dantemedia.wordpress.com/

Declan M – http://medialifeandsoul.wordpress.com/

Fabian P – http://allthingsmusicfjp.wordpress.com/

Ilyas B – http://ilyasbelhana.wordpress.com/

Izabela Z – http://behella96.wordpress.com/

Leigh J – http://leglegblog.wordpress.com

Liam K – http://liammkennedy.wordpress.com

Keilan J – http://keilanjones.wordpress.com

Rory H  –  http://roryscoolblog.wordpress.com/

Rosie M – http://rosiealicem.wordpress.com

Sameel H – http://samhussain16.wordpress.com/

Grace B – http://gracebrough.wordpress.com

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