Task 3, 4

P4 work to complete production of a music video working within appropriate conventions and with some assistance.

M4 work competently to complete production of a music video showing some imagination and with only occasional assistance.

D4 work to a technical quality that reflects near-professional standards to complete production of a music video, showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectations.


– Produce a music video using found and original footage. If you intend to screen your project online, you MUST obtain the rights to the track.

– Master Music Video onto DVD, upload to youtube and embed into blog page

– Brief Evaluation/Analysis


Task & Evidence: 

You will produce, edit and deliver a Music Video Production for an upcoming music artist.

During Production you will work in an assigned role, which may include a combination of the following: Producer; Director, Director of Photography; Production Designer; Editor; Costume Designer; Location Manager; Gaffer; Camera Assistant; Production Assistant.



You will continue to complete a daily production diary to be submitted along with your production explaining production progress, your individual contribution to each day of production and what is going well/what needs to be improved.



You will edit and deliver your music video production by exporting and uploading it to your online platform and embed it into your Unit 29 blog page.



You will conduct a brief evaluation of your final product discussing:

  • How well it met the aims of the brief
  • How well it realized your creative concept
  • How well it used music video stylistic features, conventions and techniques
  • How well it represented the artist’s identity
  • How well it appeals to the target audience
  • Areas for improvement were you to produce the product again

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