Task 2

Pre-Production for Stop Motion


Wallace and Gromit


In preparation for the production of your stop motion animation, you must produce the following paperwork:

  • List of potential ideas:  Styles, characters, content, subject, production methods
  • A synopsis (brief summary of final idea)
  • A treatment, outlining target audience, film content, potential styles and techniques
  • A script
  • A storyboard
  • A mood board
  • Influences
  • Concept art work:  Character designs, set designs, prop designs, visualisation styles
  • Technical designs:  Methods of creating movement, making of characters/sets/props, exploitation of format potential, camera movement, lighting design, colour, materials.
  • Equipment and materials required
  • Budget
  • Production plan
  • production roles


Task Begins: 7th November 2014

Task deadline: 14th January 2015



All artwork will be produced in your sketch books.  Final images can then be scanned and compiled in your blog.


Concept art for Paranorman


Learning Outcome

LO2 Be able to devise a stop motion animation with soundtrack


To Achieve a Pass

Learners will provide an indication of how the proposed animation will be produced and how the style is appropriate to the content. The intended audience will be briefly described, together with possible screening plans. Drawings and designs for models and sets will be required although they may not be totally clear.  Storyboards will indicate storyline, camera movement and soundtrack but may fall short of a completely detailed approach. A production schedule will also be required.


To Achieve a Merit

Learners will offer competently presented drawings and designs for models and sets, a script and a storyboard. This might demonstrate a consideration of movement and continuity, perspective, point of view and transitions. Evidence of timing and synchronisation to a soundtrack will be produced but it will not always be precise. Learners will be aware of industry conventions used in storyboard production and will use them with clarity. They will still be working within recognisable generic conventions, but there will be some imaginative thought behind the work. The production schedule will be clear and realistic.


To Achieve a Distinction

Plans will show a full consideration of movement and continuity, perspective, point of view, transitions and special effects. Precise and workable planning of timing and synchronisation to a soundtrack will be produced. It will be clear at this stage, from the documentation, what the finished piece will look and sound like. Learners will follow industry conventions and terminology used in storyboard production correctly. Plans for the construction of models, sets and props will be realistic and clear. Drawings, script and storyboard will all show a creative interpretation of the idea. For example, a channel ident for a new TV station would demonstrate not only a sense of audience address in keeping with the channel content and appeal but would also be based on original and clever ideas.

Script and storyboard PowerPoint delivered 07/01/2015

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