Grading Criteria

P2: apply research methods and techniques with some assistance [IE]
M2: apply research methods and techniques competently with only occasional assistance
D2: apply research methods and techniques to near-professional standards working independently to professional expectations
P3: present results of research.
M3: present results of research competently.
D3: present results of research to near-professional standards.


As part of your FMP and in order to successfully complete you pre-production and develop some background and audience knowledge of your production, you will be required to conduct thorough research and present you findings to your teacher and peers.


Step 1: Do the research

Using various research methods and techniques, conduct thorough Primary and secondary research for your Final Major Project.  (a live client provided by your course leader)

Use the Harvard referencing system to acknowledge and validate your sources

Step 2: Findings

Individually or in pairs, you will:

  • Prepare a presentation highlighting your findings and how they impact on  your final production
  • Present your findings to the rest of the group
  • Discuss your findings with your client
  • produce a bibliography and information trail to highlight Credits and references acknowledging materials used


Production diary.
Research portfolio/notes.
Pitch presentation to client – recorded.
Teacher observation & witness documentation
Presentation slides
Recording of presentation to class
Feedback from client
Teacher observation & witness documentation

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