Thursday 16th January 2014

During the Spring Term, the teaching schedule for EPR is as follows:


Periods 1 and 2 – Room 1-07:  Multi Camera Techniques

Theoretical – Analysis of multi camera programmes, developing ideas, pre-production for multi camera

Periods 3 and 4 – Breakout areas, Radio and TV Green Rooms: Multi Camera Techniques

Practical and directed study – Studio production and practice sessions, production meetings, other related tasks


Period 5 – Room 1-07: Working to a Brief

Workshops, review of FMP progress and updating progress on blog and in folders.

Period 6 – Room 1-07: Broadcast Pathway Tutorial

Related student support, including ILPs, review of previous assignment work, and progression to work/university.



Year 13 – Final Major Project  – update of briefs

Unit 5 – Working to a brief Assignment

Unit 5 has been revamped to take into account visits and activities covering how professionals work in the industry and how they respond to working to a client brief.

Year 13 – Multi-camera techniques

Delivery of this studio based assignment will continue this term.  Below is the assignment brief detailing deadlines and evidence required.

Unit 23 – Multi-camera Assignment Brief

Regular delivery will take place on Tuesdays, although there will be the scope for students to do production work outside these times and to book the studio facilities for practice, rehearsal and shooting.

This is the updated brief for Unit 30, Advertising for Television.  Please ensure you take the time to work your way through the brief and see me if you need any help or assistance.

CMP_U30 Assignment Brief update

For critical analysis, your knowledge will be reflected in assignment work during Easter and Summer terms 2014.  All students should make sure that they are recording learning from lessons regularly, so that they are able to easily reference theory work from earlier in the year, and best reflect your individual knowledge.  The outcomes from this unit are linked to Units 30 and 45, and several of the outcomes from production and assignment work, especially for advertising will be assessed within these units throughout the year.

CMP_U6 Assignment Brief update

Student will learn the process of scriptwriting and the role of the writer in the production process.  All students will write a ten page short script based on an original idea.

CMP_U24 Assignment Brief update

Once student scripts have been selected, production teams will be chosen to produce 10-minute short films in the second half of the Easter Term.  Please note changes have been made to production dates due to BOA Broadcast visit to Malta after half-term.

CMP_U22 Assignment Brief update

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