Grading Criteria

P1 Describe the codes,conventions style and structure of different genres of radio drama with some appropriate use of subject terminology. 

M1 Explain in detail the codes,conventions, style and structure of different genres of radio drama with reference to detailed illustrative examples and with generally correct use of subject terminology.

D1 critically evaluate the codes, conventions, style and structure of different genres of radio with supporting arguments and elucidated examples, consistently using subject terminology correctly


Drama Codes, Conventions, Styles and Structures

You are to prepare a briefing for a group of intended ‘scriptwriters’ on the codes, conventions, styles and structures of radio drama.


You will individually research and analyse various radio dramas and identify different codes, conventions, styles and structures, prepare materials for presentation to an audience of ‘scriptwriters’ (peers and teachers).

Areas to cover in your presentation:

Codes: in the use of dramatic content (words, voices, speech, music, ambience, sounds, silence)

Conventions: aural signposting; cliffhanger endings; flashback; use of fades; use of silence; characterisation;

chronological development; narration; direct speech; titles; credits; music

Style: appropriateness to target audience; dramatic reconstruction; styles, eg traditional, post-modern;

radio drama as ‘theatre of the mind’; creation of mood or location (effects, acoustics)

Structure: duration; narrative structure; development of plot

Submission –

Research notes

5 – 10 minute presentation to class

Bibliography/reference of all sources used



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