Grading Criteria

P1: describe the applications and practice of DVD menu design and authoring with some appropriate use of subject terminology [IE]
M1: explain the applications and practice of DVD menu design and authoring with reference to detailed illustrative examples and with generally correct use of subject terminology
D1: critically evaluate the applications and practice of DVD menu design and authoring with supporting arguments and elucidated examples, consistently using subject terminology correctly


The brief is to produce an illustrated report on current practice in DVD menu design and authoring for a magazine.


Analyse and evaluate various DVD menu design and authoring, and produce either an essay, a report, a presentation or a DVD producer’s handbook highlighting your findings. Your submission should address the techniques and technology of DVD menu design and authoring.

Working in pairs, you will:

  • identify the range of DVD types and applications of DVD menus
  • identify how these applications are authored
  • research a range of DVD menu designs to identify:
    • the ways in which the designer has tried to provide a useful menu
    • the functions and elements present in the menus
    • additional features
    • sound requirements
    • the structure of the menus
    • why the producers have chosen to design the menus as they have.


All research notes
Write-up and/or presentation


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