Unit 27 – Factual Programme Production Techniques for Television

Learning Outcome

1 Understand issues relating to factual programming for television

2 Understand codes and conventions of factual programming for television

3 Be able to plan and research a factual programme for television

4 Be able to produce a factual programme for television.

Unit 27: Factual Programme Production Techniques

Unit 27 – News Assignment Brief

Making a News Report Checklist

Unit 27 – Learner assessment submission declaration


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Adams S – Interviewing for Journalists (Routledge, 2009) ISBN 978-0415477758

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Dovey J – Freakshow: First Person Media and Factual Television (Pluto Press, 2000) ISBN 978-0745314501

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Evans R – Practical DV Film Making (Focal Press, 2005) ISBN 978-0240807386

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Winston B – Claiming the Real (British Film Institute, 2008) ISBN 978-1844572717



The Journalist


http://www.bbc.co.uk/guidelines/editorialguidelines – BBC producers’ guidelines

http://www.bbctraining.com/journalism.asp – BBC online training modules including links to modules on interviewing for radio; streaming content and text versions availab

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