Task 2

Grading Criteria 2 & 3

P2: apply editing preparation techniques with some assistance

M2: apply editing preparation techniques competently with only occasional assistance

D2: apply editing preparation techniques to a technical quality that reflects near-professional standards, working independently to professional expectations

P3: apply editing techniques working within appropriate conventions and with some assistance. [CT]

M3: apply editing techniques to a good technical standard showing some imagination and with only occasional assistance.

D3: apply editing techniques to a technical quality that reflects near-professional standards, showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectations.


Prepare for and produce an edit using from footage that you have recorded.

  • review the camera original material and log the tapes, commenting on content and quality.
  • produce a paper edit with time codes and indications of effects to be used e.g. cut, fade, dissolve.
  • digitize, import and capture all filmed and sourced material for editing
  • edit footage to produce off-line and on-line edit
  • export your final video for mastering to DVD
  • use various compression settings and codecs to upload to youtube, vimeo, or other interactive platforms and embed into your blog page

Finally you will be required to evaluate the editing process


You must include the following in your final submission:

  • Blog
  • log of shots
  • Transcription of any interviews
  • Paper edit
  • Off-line edit
  • Log of any changes to be made (from meeting with client or tutor)
  • On-line edit
  • Exported final version
  • SWOT analysis/evaluation
  • Tutor Observation