Task 1

Grading Criteria 1

P1: describe the development and principles of editing with some appropriate use of subject terminology

M1: explain the development and principles of editing with reference to detailed illustrative examples and with generally correct use of subject terminology

D1: critically assess the development and principles of editing with supporting arguments and elucidated examples, and consistently using subject terminology correctly


You are a freelance reporter/video journalist working for BOA TV or BOA Broadcast magazine aimed at providing information, advise and guidance to new entrants into the broadcasting industry.


You are tasked to produce a review on post-production software or hardware of your choice. Your review may:

  • focus/look at one particular piece of software or hardware
  • compare pieces of software or hardware
  • look at/address the technology aspect of post production
  • discuss the history of post-production software or hardware


The review may be a submitted in the following methods:
  • As a written review for a broadcast magazine
  • A presentation aimed at the directors of a production company
  • A insert for a TV magazine programme (think of BBC ‘Click’ or the Gadget Show)