Unit 16 – Film and Video Editing

learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the development and principles of editing
  2. Be able to prepare moving image material for editing
  3. Be able to edit moving image material.

Personal learning and thinking skills

Unit 16 – Film & Video Editing Techniques Assignment Brief


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http://www.bectu.org.uk – BECTU (Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union) is the trade union representing video production professionals
http://www.firstlightmovies.com – First Light exists to encourage film making amongst young people and has links to Skillset and the UK Film Council
http://www.nt12.orbital.net/bksts/about.asp – BKSTS (British Kinematograph Sound & Television Society) organises events, courses, and new equipment demonstrations)
http://www.shootingpeople.org/account/auth.php – Shooting People, a film making forum