Skills development is there to do as the title suggests, develop your production skills.

In the making of any digital video production there are 3 stages of production. Theses include:

  • Pre-production – This is the planning stage (most important stage) of the production and it includes conducting research, idea development, risk assessments, schedules and various other important documentation
  • Production – This involves using the digital camera and other production accessories to film the footage
  • Post-production – This includes editing, duplication and distribution

The list below highlights just some of the key activities that you need to do in order to carry out a successful production

1. Pre-production

Video Production ‘to do list’

Proposal for a Video Production outline

The Harvard Referencing System

Shooting schedule

Sample Call sheet

call sheet

Please use these templates below as part of the evidence for pre-production and production activity for all productions.

Action plans

Shooting Script for Video Production

First Light: Pre-production resources

2. Production

First Light: Production resources

Camera and video production techniques

Making Media – BBC – This is a very good resource which guides you into how to produce various forms of TV broadcast media

Media is a free resource for film and digital media production

3-point lighting

This is a the most common lighting set up which looks at the use of three light sources. The lights are referred to as the Key light, Fill light and Back light. The video below looks at  how and why to set up your light.

3. Post Production

First Light: Post Production Resources

First Light: Exhibition and Distribution