Year 12 Units

Unit 7 – Understanding the Media Sector

Unit 7 – Understanding The Media Sector Assignment Brief

Unit 27: Factual Programme Production Techniques

Unit 27 – News Assignment Brief

Making a News Report Checklist

Unit 44:Music-based Programming

Unit 44 – Music-based Programming Assignment Brief

Producing a radio show checklist

Unit 45: Commercial Production for Radio

Unit 45 – Commercial Production for radio Assignment Brief

Commercial Commissioning brief 2014-15

Commercial checklist

Unit 62:Digital Video Production for Interactive Media

My Videos Interactive – Unit 62 – Digital Video Production for Interactive Media Assignment Brief


Year 13 Work

Final Major Project

Second year students have the opportunity to work with a professional client to produce a specific promotional or marketing media product.  The final work may be used by the client as a marketing and promotional resource.

For this project each student will be in-charge of all stages of production from pre-production to post-production by fully utilising all skills gained on the course.

New FMP Handbook 2013

Unit 4 – Production Management Assignment Brief

Sample FMP proposals

FMP – Research -breakdown

FMP – Production Management -breakdown

FMP Research Presentations

This link (Sample Budget) will help you when producing a budget for your production in your role as production manager. Please refer to the rates on BECTU, and negotiate your rates with your crew to ensure that you do not go over budget (£10000 maximum).

DVD Menu Design and Authoring

CMP_U58 Assignment Brief