Year 12

Unit 6: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products


Unit 7: Understanding the Media Sector

The Media Handbook – Unit 7 – Understanding The Media Sesctor Assignment Brief

Task 4 – Media Sector

Unit 22: Single-camera Techniques

Unit 22 – Single Camera Drama Logbook (including assignment brief)

Unit 27: Factual Programme Production Techniques

Unit 27 – News Assignment Brief

Making a News Report Checklist

Unit 29: Music Video Production

Unit 29: Music Video Logbook (including assignment brief)

Unit 30: Advertisement Production for Television

Units 30 & 62 Logbook

Advertisement Commissioning brief 2014-15

Unit 39: Scriptwriting for Radio

Unit 41: News Production for Radio

Unit 41 – News for Radio Assignment Brief

Unit 42: Radio Drama

Unit 44:Music-based Programming

Unit 44 – Music-based Programming Assignment Brief

Producing a radio show checklist

Unit 45: Commercial Production for Radio

Unit 45 – Commercial Production for radio Assignment Brief

Commercial Commissioning brief 2014-15

Commercial checklist

Unit 62:Digital Video Production for Interactive Media

My Videos Interactive – Unit 62 – Digital Video Production for Interactive Media Assignment Brief

My Ad Campaign (Creative Media Production 2)

Units 30 & 62 Logbook

Advertisement Commissioning brief 2014-15


Student tracking:

This following link gives you an overview of everything that you need to do in order to successfully complete your campaign

Stages for Ad Campaign