Broadcast Assignments

All assignment/project work is devised to test different outcomes and to ensure that all grading criteria have been met by the students. At the end of the two years, all students must be able to satisfy the Course Team that they have completed all the assignments and ‘successfully acquired the skills and knowledge’ necessary to progress on to higher courses or work. The Record of In-course Achievement is produced to ensure that both student and staff have a tracking/progress record of the skills and knowledge acquired and assignment grades.


PASS: This will be work which is organised and which meets all the assessment criteria set but which lacks subtlety, insight or perhaps self-discipline and commitment in certain areas of the work. In written work it will be work which lacks evaluation or analysis.

MERIT: This is a good pass which borders on distinction work in  certain of the assessment criteria for a particular assignment but which is not of a consistent distinction standard. The student gaining a merit will  however be presenting production or other work of a good standard.

DISTINCTION: Is production work of a high standard, which shows creativity, discipline and insight in all areas of the assignment. It will also show the ability to analyse a problem or issue and evaluate the evidence available to support an argument as required by the question or task. All the assessment criteria have been achieved.

REFERRAL: A referral will be given when a student has failed to satisfactorily fulfil the criteria necessary for the allocation of a Pass grade. Referral of a written assignment will simply mean the re-writing of all or part of an assignment within a given time. Referral of practical work will be more complex, especially when part of that assessment involves process as well as product. The individual tutor with reference to the course tutor will decide whether or not further practical work can be given. If this is inappropriate a fail grade will be allocated. A student not satisfactorily fulfilling the assessment criteria when referred will be given a fail grade. A referred student will only be allocated a Pass grade on re-submission of the assignment.

P.S The industry prides itself on working to deadlines (the news at 6 starts at 6), to build on your professional practice you will be expected to ensure that all your assignments are handed in before the deadline/due date. Failure to do this will mean that you will be unable to achieve a distinction grade for that unit or grading criteria (unless prior arrangement or extension has been agreed with you tutor)

How is the course assessed?

Some units are internally assessed through assignments set and marked by your tutors; others have an externally assessed assignment, set by Edexcel, marked by your tutors and then re-marked by Edexcel.

As you complete each internally assessed unit, your tutor will tell you what grade you have achieved – Pass, Merit or Distinction.  To ensure that your internally assessed work has been marked fairly Edexcel checks samples of tutors’ marking.  This process usually takes place between February to May and the grades for your internally assessed units can change as a result.

Edexcel will confirm your final grades for externally assessed units when the re-marks has taken place.

When you have completed all the units of the Course you will receive 3 overall grades for your qualification – again Pass, Merit or Distinction.  These are the grades that will be shown on your certificate and that you should give when applying for Higher Education or employment.

The final grades achieved on the BTEC Extended Diploma equal to UCAS points for those planning to go to university e.g D*D*D* – 420 points or MMP 200 points (see links below for clarification)

Referred Work – A piece of work is referred if it has not met one or more of the specified assessment criteria.  You must agree another deadline for completing any amendments with your tutor.

Copying and Plagiarism – Under no circumstances will copying or plagiarism be accepted.  Any learner found to be copying or plagiarising will be severely disciplined.

Submission of work – You will be expected to submit your assignments on time as shown on the assessment schedule.  Failure to do so without authorisation from the Curriculum leader / Progress Tutor may lead to disciplinary action.

If you have genuine difficulties in meeting your deadline you must speak to your tutor in advance of the deadline. However, if illness is the reason for not meeting your deadline then a doctor’s note will be required.

If personal problems are the reason then a letter from your parents / guardians will be required or you should inform your progress tutor or the Curriculum Leader.

Not being able to gain access to a computer or information will never be acceptable as a reason for missing a deadline.  You should be building in research and IT time into your planning.

Remember not to copy (plagiarise) other learners’ work or direct copying from other sources textbooks, journals, (internet), as this may lead to you failing the assignment.


UCAS Tariff points