Broadcast Television & Radio Production

Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma In Creative Media Production


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BOA-DIGITAL are happy to announce the Creative Skillset accreditation of the Broadcast Television & Radio course (Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production).

The Broadcast course is one of a select few further & higher education courses in the country which have been recognised by industry professionals for ensuring students are being taught the right skills that the employers need. We continue to ensure our course meets the needs of the industry so that those who work hard and love what they do have the capacity to become a part of the UK television and radio sectors.

How is the course structured?

The Extended Diploma takes students through nineteen media units in order to develop the production skills and knowledge required for a variety of job roles and opportunities in the broadcast industries.

The BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production is a two-year full-time course designed to introduce students to the many different creative and production skills required in the Radio, Video and Television Industries. Typically students interested in this course will have a passion for Radio and TV Production, and the desire to learn more about the workings of this exciting industry.

The Broadcast pathway immerses you into the world of TV and Radio production. Within BOA are a fully equipped industry standard TV studio and Radio station, which students will use for a variety of regular live and pre-recorded broadcast projects.  Each student will have the opportunity to produce short dramas, documentary and news programming, live broadcast radio, music videos and multi-camera shows as part of their curriculum.

Accompanying classroom and studio activities, students will have many opportunities to further their industry knowledge through visits and work placements, while there will also be a programme of complementary studies where you will learn more associated industries, employment opportunities and routes into a first job, and help develop vital ‘soft’ skills such as communication, presentation and organisation.

What is our ideal student?

It is difficult to say what exactly makes the perfect student. However, those who have left us and have either gone straight into the industry or have been fast-tracked onto second year degree programmes have all had similar qualities. After all, the industry requires a certain personal discipline and a very dedicated mindset.  

We are looking for people who are able to demonstrate their passion for media production beyond words.

We want to collaborate with students who have tried their hand at basic media production before and know they love it already. Whether it be taking photographs or recording video using a camera-phone or someone who simply translates their crazy ideas into scripts using only pen and paper.

We are also looking for young people who have already researched the industry and have some basic idea as to the role they wish to pursue and what are the steps required to get there. With todays technology, access to libraries and the web there is no excuse for young people to not research the industry they wish to work in by simply Google searching “How do I become a cameraman?”.

Either way we want to know that you have the initiative to do some prior research into your future and are not simply waiting for the industry to come to you. That way you can ensure our course is right for you and it is the next valuable step in your career.

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