Never give up

It is not just what you say that matters, it is what you do that people will see and base their judgments on.

In order to be the best at what you do, you need to ensure that you give more than 100% and go the extra mile in order to develop the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully enter the industry, and of course, to be seen as a professional.

Focus, determination, motivation and passion are key in the acquisition of knowledge.

Are you giving your very best?

BBC Drop In

BOA Broadcast students are invited to attend our Employability Drop in sessions next month at the BBC.
What is it?
National Apprenticeship Week will run from 14th to 18th March 2016 this year. As part of this, BBC Outreach will run a series of drop in sessions for young people to learn about BBC Apprenticeship schemes and general employability skills. We will run a series of one to one drop in sessions where the young people will gain advice on improving their CV’s, how to prepare for an interview and get a chance to meet people who work at the BBC.
Who are the sessions aimed at?
Any non-graduates who are 17+ that maybe interested in applying for an Apprenticeship scheme and/or or just wants advice on how to improve their CV etc
Is it free to attend?
Where is it?
The BBC, The Mail box, Birmingham, B1 1AY
When is it?
16th March from 4 until 6pm (And/or) 18th March from 4 until 6pm
How long is it?
2 hours
Do the young people have to bring anything with them?
A copy of their CV please
What must I provide beforehand?
I need each parent/guardian of each child attending to complete/sign the attached BBC child consent form. The young person or parent/guardian can complete the Outreach Monitoring form.
The young person needs to complete the attached Outreach monitoring from and the new adult consent form.
Please can you send the completed forms, along with the names of your staff and young people coming along by the 9th March. Please note we are unable to work with any child that hasn’t had their forms returned.
I would like to come along and bring a group of young people?
Please rsvp to asap (and no later than the 29th February). We will be operating on a first come first served basis and can only accommodate a certain number of people.

Creative Media Sector – UK Skills Review

If you want to work in the creative media industries it is important to understand the specific set of skills that are in demand.

Please read through this short report published by the BBC detailing the skills that are in high demand and the importance of studying on Creative Skillset ‘Ticked’ courses:

“Students are 2.5x more likely to find employment in the creative media economy than non-Tick students doing creative industry-relevant degrees”

Click the link below to download:


Y12 Music Video Pitches (30/11/15)

Pitch Presentations – MUSIC VIDEOS

Each group must do a 10 minute pitch presentation to the rest of the class highlighting:


  • Artist – Who are they, What is the track
  • Target Audience – General profile
  • Research – Primary (Questionnaire results) and Secondary (Other professional examples you are taking inspiration from)
  • Location
  • Mise en Scene – (Props, Setting, Make-up & costume)
  • USP
  • Crew Roles (With justifications/explanations)
  • Rough Production Schedule
Group Artist Dates & Times
Lewis S





????????? Monday 30th Nov 14:15



Jack C



????????? Monday 30th Nov 14:30





?????????? Monday 30th Nov 14:45



Sam M


Ellis Lawrie – Closure Monday 30th Nov 15:00

Jessie                                                   ????                               Monday 30th Nov 15:15




Jack J


Jade                      Nostalgia’s Finest – London Town     Mon 30th Nov 15:30

Jack L


Sam S

Work with The Space

So you want to work with The Space..?
Need inspiration or want to find out more about our latest commissioning round? Then come and meet The Space team in Birmingham on Friday 20th November.
We’re hosting an afternoon event to walk through the different commissioning strands and answer any questions you might have about applying for the latest commissioning round. The event will run from 2pm-5pm at Fazeley Studios, followed by informal networking over tea, coffee and drinks.
If you wish to attend and have accessibility requirements, please do email us in advance of the event at
You can now submit applications for our current commissioning round here
Whether you are an artist, arts organisation or from the wider creative industries, we are looking for project proposals from a range of backgrounds.
We are seeking work that fits one of three strands – capture projects; projects that extend existing artworks or performances using digital technology; and “landmark” digital arts projects that use technology as an intrinsic part of the work.

Online applications can be made from today through to 15 December 2015, for commissions to be completed and published from early 2016 onwards.

BOA-TV & B2 Radio @ Free Radio 2015 Announcement

Following the interview process and scrutiny of your applications from Free Radio, we are happy to congratulate the following students who have been selected to work with BOA-TV and B2 Radio at Free Radio 2015 – Saturday 28th November.

BOA-TV Team 1 BOA TV Team 2 B2 Radio
Production M. William G. Production M. Rebecca R. (Sound recordist/Interviewer) Syd H.
Camera Op. Daniel G. Camera Op. Grace P. (Sound recordist/Interviewer) Georgina G.
Camera Op. Jessie S. Camera Op. Alice H (Recordist/Sound Editor) Lauren N.
Camera As. Jade G. Camera As. Tom F.
As. Editor Jack H.
As. Editor Bailey S.  

Media Sector – October

Task 1:

Following the lectures, presentation and classroom discussion on The Media sectors, the various medium forms and how they are broadcasted (distributed), The BBC and SKY (News Corp), you are required to further research and investigate these organisations and report your findings as case studies to support any submissions you make. You will also be expected to further demonstrate your understanding of the sector by also looking at Virgin Media and produce a write-up, presentation or analysis of the organisation and why it exists (share presentations created in class). This will allow you to complete the tasks below as part of Grading Criteria 1 of Understanding the Creative Media Sector.

  • identify the media sectors that make up the media industries
  • identify companies that produce media products in each of these sectors
  • examine the media organisations and demostrate the companies structure
  • look at sources of funding and positions in the market
You will then be required to carry out the following task to achieve a grade for Grading Criteria 1 of Understanding the Creative Media Sector.
Working in pairs or individually, you will:
  • pick a media company and consider the possibility of researching it
  • before embarking on researching your chosen company, discuss with your teacher as to why researching it would be a good idea
  • examine the media organisation and demostrate the companies structure
  • look at sources of funding and positions in the market
  • identify media the various products that your chosen company produce
  • identify their target audience and how they broadcast or provide media to their audiences
  • identify and discuss your chosen organisation’s competition
The company need not be a huge conglomerate, if you want to do a small local company that’s fine, but it may be more tricky finding information about them, so a bit more research may be required. Over the following weeks you will investigate your selected company and produce a presentation to deliver to the rest of the group on the 5th or 22nd January 2016.
Presentation can be in any of the following formats:

a radio show, video clip, a powerpoint or any other interactive presentation format.

Below are some good examples of this task:

Emma O’Brien: – Final submission was a radio show

Valentina Sutton: – Final submission was a short film

Pick the Tick®

BOA-DIGITAL are happy to announce the Creative Skillset accreditation of the Broadcast Television & Radio course (Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production.

The Broadcast course is one of a select few further & higher education courses in the country which have been recognised by industry professionals for ensuring students are being taught the right skills that the employers need.

We continue to ensure our course meets the needs of the industry so that those who work hard have the capacity to become a part of the UK television and radio sectors.

To find out more about the course please visit:

To apply for September 2016, please visit:

And why should you pick the Broadcast Course?

The Creative Skillset Tick is a quality mark that’s awarded to the courses and apprenticeship programmes that are best suited to prepare you for a career in the creative industries.

The awarding of the Tick is decided on by creative professionals, experts in their field who have extensive industry experience and who are at the cutting edge of industry practice.

This wealth of experience is brought to bear in putting the courses and apprenticeship programmes through a rigorous assessment process which focuses particularly on the quality of links with industry.

If you Pick the Tick®, you can be sure that the degree course or apprenticeship programme you study will give you access to the latest, industry-standard equipment and training, and provide you with the skills and knowledge that future employers will need you to have.

It’s as simple as that.

You’ve got the talent. The industries have ticked the courses.

Pick the Tick®