The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production is a 180 credit qualification covered over 2 year and achieved by successfully completing the following:

Each pathway covers a total of 19 units

•7 mandatory – 60 credits
•12 Specialist units – 120 credits

The 19 units you will cover are as follows:

Mandatory (Both Broadcast and New Media)

Unit 1 Pre-production Techniques for the Creative Media Industries

Unit 2 Communication Skills for Creative Media Production

Unit 3 Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries

Unit 4 Creative Media Production Management Project

Unit 5 Working to a Brief in the Creative Media Industries

Unit 6 Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products

Unit 7 Understanding the Creative Media Sector

Specialist Broadcast

Unit 16 Film and Video Editing Techniques (Optional)

Unit 17 Audio Production Processes and Techniques (Optional)

Unit 21 Understanding Video Technology (Optional)

Unit 22 Single Camera Techniques

Unit 23 Multi-Camera Techniques (Optional)

Unit 24 Writing for Television and Video (Optional)

Unit 27 Factual Programme Production Techniques for Television

Unit 28 Corporate and Promotional Programme Production (Optional)

Unit 29 Music Video Production.

Unit 30 Advertisement Production for Television

Unit 32 Designing Idents for Television (Optional)

Unit 33 Stop Motion Animation

Unit 35 Producing Video Installation Work (Optional)

Unit 36 Interview Techniques for Creative Media Production (Optional)

Unit 37 Presentation Techniques for Broadcasting (Optional)

Unit 39 Scriptwriting for Radio (Optional)

Unit 40 Speech Package Production (Optional)

Unit 42 Radio Drama (Optional)

Unit 41 News Production for Radio

Unit 44 Music-Based Programming

Unit 45 Commercial Production for Radio

Unit 46 Factual Programme Production Techniques for Radio (Optional)

Unit 58 DVD Menu Design and Authoring (Optional)

Unit 62 Digital Video Production for Interactive Media