Year 12-Br,

Please find below the BBC Doctors scripts to be used for your Single Camera Drama Techniques Assignment.

The practical assignment will be launched and you will be put into randomly selected crews on Friday 1st May 2015.

To select one for your group you must email Mr Butler which one you wish to use and it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You may choose to opt out of the below scripts, however you must find an alternative by Wednesday 6th May 2015 when you will begin pre-production in lesson. Should you choose an alternative, it must be a simple scene between 3-5 pages and take place in a practical/easy to find location.

You will then pitch in your groups on Friday 15th May (a specific schedule will be announced here once groups have been selected).

Remember, you will be assessed on the following:

Cinematography, in terms of,  camera size, angle and movement will be creative and fluent.

Varied editing techniques will be thoughtfully used to enhance the narrative (such as continuity, cross-cutting, montage, match on action, sound bridges, etc.)

So think carefully when selecting a script and assigning crew roles.

BBC DOCTORS SCRIPTS – See Mr Butler for scripts

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