Year 12, just a reminder of what to include in your presentations for next Thursday 15th Jan.

You need to first identify the target audience of the two pieces of media you’ve chosen.

Then for each category (e.g. age, social class, mainstream/niche, etc) find specific elements (codes and conventions) that appeal to them.

So if you’ve identified a game’s target audience as 25-35 year olds for example, what is it about the game that appeals to 25-35 year olds. If you’ve identified the social class as B-C2 what is it about the game that appeal to a social class of B-C2.

Remember for merit to back up each point you make with specific and illustrated examples (screenshots, etc that directly relate to each point you’re making).

For distinction you need to be comparing the differences/similarities in target audience and specific elements between the two media texts.

Any questions, email me:

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