Happy New Year to all of you!

Just a quick reminder all applications for shows and jobs need to be with Dan and Mr Mac by Friday the 10th of Jan at 1:15.

Here is the information for B2 and applications in the new year:

All show applications (CV & Covering letter) must be emailed to paul.mclaughlin@boa-academy.co.uk & dan.guest@boa-academy.co.uk

Your show prep must emailed to myself and Dan at the end of your show.

We need you all to send us a covering letter as to why you believe you should be on Air. You will not be allowed back on air if this is not completed by Friday.

No presenter is to miss out on vital classes to be on air. Remember your Academic work MUST take priority.

You must all be up to date with your course work in order to be put forward for your show

The Green room is for working in and not a place to mess around. If we don’t see any improvement of cleanliness and behaviour within the Green room then access will be restricted.

More thought needs to go into all shows as we would love to be in a position to send audio to various places.

Remember that you have all been given a fantastic opportunity to make your own personal demos…I urge you….please do not waste it


Broadcast pathway can apply for these roles:

Station Manager (Student)

Website Manager and Content Creator (Video, Image & Web)

Social Media Manager

Sales Manager

Traffic & Head Of Music

Deputy Engineer (Student)

Outside Broadcast & Event Co-ordinator

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Head Of Sport

Senior Broadcast Journalist

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