All students are advised to purchase an SD Cards for filming. Do Not book out any equipment unless you have an SD Card, we cannot supply them because they are not being returned and we do not have any left. You will also need to demonstrate that you are able to set-up the equipment and use it, prior to booking, see Mr Dodzo or Craig to book demonstration. All Equipment should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance or else you will not get it and it represents poor planning on your part.

Unit 1 – Pre-Production Techniques

  • D2 – generate thorough and comprehensively detailed pre-production documentation for a specific media production, working independently to professional expectations
  • D3 – apply pre-production planning to a specific media production to a quality that reflects near-professional standards, working independently to professional expectations.

Please find links below for all the equipment you need to purchase:

Student equipment list:


8gb+ USB stick

25+ pack of blank DVD

16gb+ SDHC card for filming

500gb+ portable External Hard drive (for back-up and editing)

An A4 Ring binder folder to keep all marked paperwork/ assignments

A4 notepad, pens and pencils

Due to some of the technical issues that we may face with the broadcast network, we strongly advise you to purchase the above equipment required for the course. The equipment will be needed in order to successfully carry out any production work, and will allow you to be in full control of your own work without relying on editshare or anyone else. Please see Mr Dodzo, Mr Pryce or Craig for any advise regarding where to get the equipment, the BVE expo will be a good starting point for purchasing the necessary equipment, so start saving.

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