Birmingham workshop dates – The Custard Factory

Dec:       4th, 5th

Jan:        15th, 16th

Please let Mr Dodzo know which workshop you would like to attend ASAP.

Info about the workshop run by TV Training Ltd

The TV Training Academy is one of the oldest and certainly the largest TV Presenter trainers in the UK, with nearly 2000 students booking courses per year.  Based at the world famous Pinewood Studios, we offer top media coaches and solid lesson plans on our 1 day taster course.


The course runs from 10am to 5pm and is structured in the following way:


Methods of communication

1st exercise – piece to camera

Playback and group feedback


Autocue principles and exercise

Co presenting exercise

The course is specifically structured to give an insight into communicating, from a mental approach to practical tips for standing in front of the camera.  The students will build their confidence, work with green screen, script and link write and maybe even do some location filming.  We also have a section on career strategy and advice on how to get into the industry.

The cost of the course is £29 per student, if at any of the following locations:

Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath (Max 15 students)

3 Mills Studio, East London (Max 25 students)

Camp and Furnace Studio, Liverpool (Max 20 students)

The Custard Factory, Birmingham (Max 25 students)

The Milk Thistle, Bristol (Max 20 students)

We can come to your location, if you would prefer. We would limit the maximum group size to 25.

If the students wish, they can purchase the following options;

  • A professionally edited showreel of their experience for just £30 (Normal price £349.00)
  • A set of 10 professional photographs for £25 (Normal price £175)

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