Following the BVE, please ensure that you have either completed or are working on the task below in your own time.

BVE task – 26/02/13


This will enable you to develop understanding of, and skills in, moving image post-production processes (video editing). You will do this through exploring the professional practice of editing, and develop an awareness of a range of editing techniques and technology. This will also develop an understanding of how your work can affect the final outcome of a production


Working in pairs, you are a freelance reporter/video journalist working for BOA TV or BOA Broadcast magazine aimed at providing information, advise and guidance on post-production to new entrants into the broadcasting industry.


You are tasked to produce a review on post-production software, hardware and/or technology of your choice. Your review may:

  • may focus/look at one particular piece of software, hardware and/or technology
  • may compare pieces of software, hardware and/or technology
  • look at/address the technology aspect of post production
  • discuss the history of post-production software or hardware


The review may be a submitted in the following methods:

  • As a 2 page written review for a broadcast magazine
  • A 10-15 mins presentation aimed at the directors of a production company
  • A 5-10 mins insert for a TV magazine programme (think of BBC ‘Click’ or the Gadget Show)


Mr Dodzo gave you an introduction into post-production software and hardware to help you develop an understanding of the post-production process. When you visit BVE it is important to collect as much information as possible, ask as many questions as possible, and ensure that you return with sufficient material and knowledge to get you started on your review. To further your knowledge you will research various website, look at broadcast magazine to help with your review.

Look at the useful links page of the BOA digital blog (

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