Read Carefully

The Creative Media Production students are invited to apply for in-house Digital Media placements on BOA TV and BOA Radio. Each post will be issued on a termly contract to ensure that everyone has a chance to apply and take part, only if he or she has met the application criteria and are up to date with all their academy work/assignments, and if they have a good (95% and above) attandance and punctuality record.

You MUST now express your interest in writing (Cover letter attached to your email) and do your homework about the post you are applying for. Please watch this link  (4Talent video) to ensure that your application is successful.

Digital Media Production Job Roles

Please find attached the job specs for all the available trainee Digital Production Team. The team will be responsible for producing broadcasting (radio, tv and animation) content for various clients as part of our extra curricular activities.

Interviews will be held on Friday 19th October 2012 (only by appointment). Please send in a letter of interest to Mr Dodzo, Mr Ayres or Mr Pryce by 12 pm on Monday 15th October 2012.

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