Take time to follow Rupert Murdoch answering questions regarding media ethics at the Leveson Inquiry

The inquiry has been set up to tackle fundamental issues and abuses that have lead to major changes in UK media Laws. Rupert Murdoch has pledged that he sees this inquiry as an opportunity to put some myths to rest.

The inquiry has made links to Rupert Murdoch’s secret meetings with  Mrs Thatcher at Chequers in January 1981 (articles referring to the meeting available in previous post). He stated that he has always aimed to set examples of ethical behaviour and never asked a Prime Minister for anything.

Extension Task: After careful examination of the Leveson Inquiry, the phone hacking  scandals and articles related to the secret meeting between Rupert Murdock and Mrs Thactcher, write a brief entry onto your blog relating to your understanding of these issues. This will help develop and demonstrate your understanding of the media industries.


The Leveson Inquiry

Leveson inquiry: Rupert Murdoch attracted by Scottish independence

Rupert Murdoch back at Leveson Inquiry for second day

Jeremy Hunt loses special adviser in defence of BSkyB role

Above are a few articles and resources to help get you started. Now use a bit of smart searching (secondary research) and look at various articles to help produce an objective write-up.

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