Hi everybody, my name is Mr Eric Pryce, and I’ll be covering Broadcast over the next few weeks.

Earlier this month, the Government announced new proposals for the monitoring of private information over the internet;  as a class I would like us to research and discuss the article below.

Exercise for Understanding the Media

Please read the following extracts from the Daily Mail.

The Big Brother state row latest example disastrous mishandling issues Coalition

Big Brother plans to let state spy on websites, emails and texts

The Government is proposing new laws on monitoring the internet activities of citizens.

Questions and research.

  • Summarise the key intentions highlighted in the article.
  • Do you think the proposed changes are justified?
  • Are there current laws that protect the privacy of UK citizens?  Are these laws different of different media platforms?
  • List the different information that is held by you by public bodies (NHS, Police, local government, etc.).  Who has permission to access this information?
  • Do think society might change if these changes were implemented?  If so, how?

For discussion on Thursday (26 April), please consider the following statement.

“If you are not doing anything wrong, surely you have nothing to fear from increased internet surveillance?”

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